Welcome to the Section 8 Program

What is the Section 8 Program

Section 8 is a program for low-income people who wish to live in privately owned housing and receive rental assistance. The term "Section 8" is used because the federal law which created the program is Section 8 of the Housing Community Development Act of 1974. In this program, the housing authority approves qualified individuals and families for voucher units.

How does the Section 8 Program work?

As a Section 8 participant, you have a limited time to find suitable housing offered by a private owner (landlord) using a voucher issued by the housing authority. The housing you select must meet local codes and federal standards, known as housing quality standards.

Who is eligible for rental assistance?

Singles, families, elderly individuals, handicapped or disabled persons who make less than 80% of the median income in this area.

What is SHA's jurisdiction?

You can find a rental unit inside Searcy city limits.